Our Mission
We’re the antidote to any bad memory you’ve
ever had of a call centre, an online customer
service headache, or the coffee guy who
scrawled “air inn” on your coffee cup when your
real name’s Aaron. Need it sorted?
We got this!



Handlr so far

Handlr officially launched in February 2018, after the founder, Aaron Henriques, resigned from the police
to pursue his own proactive live chat business.

Since then, Handlr has successfully managed to help many small businesses by capturing leads and maximising sales,
and has been thrilled to watch them grow as a result.

We’ve been lucky enough to have been featured in the press, invited to 10 Downing Steet to discuss small business matters and
attend a number of events celebrating small businesses.





Aaron Henriques at 10 Downing Street
Founder of Handlr, Aaron Henriques, at 10 Downing Street


Handlr is an official supplier of proactive live chat systems to the British Government via the crown commercial service


Lauren Pears and Emma Jones of Enterprise Nation
Content marketing executive, Lauren Pears, with Emma Jones of Enterprise Nation


What made handlr happen

“Back in 2013, I bit off more than I could chew.
I was working full time and trying to run a full time
business on the side that I’d just bought. Doing
both turned out to be impossible as I couldn’t
make or take calls during my day job, and there
were a mountain of calls to be made with both my
clients and my team of cleaners.

I subscribed to an admin centre to deal with some
of this, and although they did deal with it, they
were charging nearly 40% of my revenue to do it.
By the time I factored in all my other costs, my
franchise was barely breaking even.

Next I tried a cheaper call answering service.
I could be profitable again. But they were terrible.
They’d often tell customers I’d call them right back,
even though I was halfway through an 9hr work
shift. A talking clock would’ve been more helpful.”

“I kept trialling different services, and kept getting
let down. And annoyed. Really really annoyed.
Why couldn’t anyone just handle it for people?
Eventually, I decided to bid farewell to the force,
and fix the problem myself. I’d managed call
centres before I was a police officer, but now I
wanted to evolve them to work hard for small
businesses like my little cleaning franchise.

And that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.
Looking at new ways to make remote customer
service feel less remote, less annoying, and less
useless. Everything I do tries to help the younger
me that had just bought his first business and
couldn’t quite keep up with it. Handlr is here to
help all small business owners to connect with
their customers and grow their businesses at the
times when they can’t be there to do it themselves.

We’re proud to do it on their behalf. And I love to
be able to tell our clients each time not to worry
about a thing.”