Our proactive live chat software helps to generate more sales and increase your marketing ROI.

Capture and convert your website visitors using our proactive live chat solution

Chat allows for a personal, convenient and instant interaction between business and consumer, resulting in the consumer feeling more positive about the brand and more likely to go ahead with a purchase.

Provide immediate and convenient support to your potential customers

Consumer demands are changing. They don’t want to wait for a response - they expect it almost instantly. Live chat caters to these changing consumer demands by providing a live, instant platform for consumers to interact with a business. Particularly for competitive industries, potential customers will simply move onto the next competitor if they can’t get an instant response. In fact, 52% of consumers stated that they are likely to abandon an online purchase if they do not get answers quickly enough.

would abandon a cart if they couldn't find answers quickly

Provide a personalised shopping experience 

You wouldn’t leave your shop unattended, so why your website? Proactive live chat allows sales representatives to reach out to website visitors and assist them through the buying process. Our live chat system can be configured to send proactive chats to visitors based on certain criteria, such as their location, the web page they’re on or how long they’ve been browsing. This allows you to send highly targeted messages to your website visitors.

Live chat increases the chance of a sale by a whopping 300%. 

Live chat provides more contact options

A huge 89% of consumers have stated that they want choices for how they contact customer support. As such, many businesses may be losing sales because they haven’t provided enough contact options. This is especially important for those with a younger target market, as younger generations prefer not to make phone calls, choosing to use digital methods of communication such as text, social media and live chat. This is particularly true for millennials, with 61% of consumers under the age of 24 admitting to intentionally avoiding making phone calls to businesses.

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