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Chat Routing
To provide the best possible service for your customers, it's best practice to route chats to agents most qualified to[...]
Integrating Email, Knowledge Bases and Plugins
Our live chat system allows you to integrate your email, knowledge base and plugins. To set up your integrations, head[...]
How To Set Up Priority Tiers
Priority tiers are available in Premier plans and above. Priority tiers are useful if you want to send chats to[...]
Accessing Chat Logs
There may be times where you want to read over past chat transcripts - perhaps for training purposes, or to[...]
Capacity Reports
Use our clever capacity reports to see when you're most busy. This allows you to schedule staff shifts accordingly -[...]
How To Enable Proactive Chats
Humans can be pretty bad at asking for help and we generally won't raise our hand unless prompted. This is[...]