Handlr is an official supplier of proactive live chat systems to the British Government via the crown commercial service

Live Chat for British Government

Departments, Agencies & District Borough Councils

Proactive live web chat keeps your government department connected to your communities and stakeholders.

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Why Choose Handlr Proactive Live Chat?

Increase your customer service spread

Your existing customer service staff can handle 4-6x more live chats on average vs just one phone call. This allows you to reallocate customer service staff budgets into improving other key areas of your government agency.

Your visitors connect with the right government expert...first time

Our clever proactive live chat system has clever routing assignment options which allows chats to be routed to specific government agents and even departments within the same government agency. This frees up your first contact customer service teams who'd otherwise spend a lot of time connecting visitors to the right department.

See your busy periods so managers can improve shift planning and increase productivity

With our capacity reporting tools, you can see at a glance the periods through the week or on an hourly basis where your busy times are and where you reach or exceed maximum capacity. This enables managers to plan shifts of customer service teams based on your actual demands so your web visitors are never let down. 

Share your key messages to the right people at the right time

Proactive live chat enables you to trigger messages to your target audience based on a wide variety of options and user behaviours. This lets you display personalised messages to your visitors which improves customer confidence and satisfaction. You can choose to target people from specific regions, pages they're visiting, the page they're referred from (e.g. an advert) and if they're a new visitor plus much more. 

Protect your web visitors data & keep your government department GDPR compliant with secure UK servers

Our live chat system is one of very few which use dedicated servers right here in the United Kingdom meaning all saved visitor data never leaves the UK. All live chats are encrypted using the latest encryption technology keeping your website visitors safe from hackers. Our clever GDPR compliant tools automatically purges personal data at a timeframe you choose up to a maximum of 10 years, keeping your government agency compliant, leaving you to get on with other important things.

Transfer between agents seamlessly

If you work for a large government agency or district council you may have multiple department specialists. Or perhaps a visitor has already had a detailed conversation with one of your government employees. Right from the live chat portal, your agents can transfer chats in just 2 clicks of their mouse to a specific agent or even an entirely different department. What happens if the other agent is unavailable? The chat will come straight back to whoever attempted to transfer it.

Need to communicate internally?

We've already got that covered... has your government agency got a large customer contact team? You can send a message directly to your team members chat window instantly no matter where you are they are in the world... Want to communicate only with your supervisors or with different government department heads? How about totally different agencies? As long as they use Handlr proactive live chat system this is all easily setup in a few clicks of your mouse.

  • Share important messages & have group discussions
  • Send files to everyone in seconds - e.g the weekly staff meeting agenda
  • Create unlimited teams & be part of multiple different teams conversations
Handlr is an official supplier of proactive live chat systems to the British Government via the crown commercial service

We're a Crown Commercial Service Supplier

You can find us listed on the Crown Commercial Service website having already gone through and been accepted as a supplier of Proactive Live Chat systems for British government departments, government agencies, districts and local borough councils.

Proactive Live Chat Benefits for government departments

Just a few of the benefits you can expect for your government agency 

Here's just a few of the British government departments we can help 

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    Stay compliant with the Government digital transformation strategy
  • Connect with your customers & stakeholders the 21st century way
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    Monitor live chats in real time
  • Improve customer confidence 
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    Improved shift planning with our capacity reporting tools
  • Reduce staffing costs & Increase productivity
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    Reach the right people with the right messages first time
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    Canned messages save your staff time typing answers to common questions
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    Integrate your knowledge base & more...
  • Government Ministerial departments
  • Non ministerial departments
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    District councils
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    Local Borough Councils
  • check
    Emergency Services
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    NHS England & Wales
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    MOD - Army, Navy and Royal Air Force
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    Courts, Tribunals, Prisons and Probation
  • Agencies and other public bodies
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    High profile groups
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    Public corporations & more...

Don't see your government department or agency listed? Don't worry - if you're one of the several hundred government departments shown on the Home Office website here then we can provide proactive live chat services to you via the Crown Commercial Service website.

Still not listed? Don't worry... still get in touch as we'll still be able to help you!

Schedule a free live demo

We'd be happy to schedule a free live demo for you to see the benefits live chat can have for your government department. You'll be able to see the live chat system at work and ask any questions you may have about how it can benefit your government agency.