Earn 25% per sale of live chat software from your business audience.

Affiliate programme for business bloggers, podcasts, social media influencers & B2B companies

If you own a business blog, podcast or you're a social media influencer or even a B2B company like a digital marketing agency it is likely your visitors will be looking at introducing live chat to their own business website now or in the near future. 

So we've developed a very generous affiliate partners programme so you can help your visitors and earn some money from it too!  

It doesn't matter if they're a solo life coaching entrepreneur in London or if they're a large international accountancy firm with 20,000 employees. Proactive Live Chat is an essential tool for any business with a website. 

New affiliate partners will earn an uncapped 25% for all live chat sales on our website!​

Some Benefits for You...

  • Earn thousands from a single sale! We pay a whopping uncapped 25% commission per sale.
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    Automatic payouts on the 1st UK working day of each month.
  • Choice of offers and creatives to advertise to your audience including pre-written sales copy.
  • Cookie based tracking means you'll earn up to 180 days after the first click.
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    Earn from sales from 1 to unlimited live chat user licences! 
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    Lifetime commissions - once you refer a customer who purchases, you'll earn for all new subscriptions.

How Will Proactive Live Chat Benefit Your Audience?

This is a really easy one! Proactive live chat software is designed for any business which has a website! Its really that simple. Proactive live chat has some key benefits for businesses.

  • Increases online sales by 300% on average
  • Improved customer satisfaction (73% for Live chat vs 44% for phone)
  • Increase customer service team spread & reduces staff costs (an average chat agent can answer 4-6 live chats at once vs just 1 phone call)
  • Improved ROI on marketing efforts (proactive live chat grabs visitors attention before they leave the businesses website)

Think about it for a second... when was the last time you walked into a department store, opticians, solicitors etc and there was not an assistant ready and waiting to help you? Proactive live chat is that sales assistant, but just on your website, ready to help the buyer along their buying journey at the time they're interested in your products and services.

Aaron Henriques at 10 Downing Street

Aaron Henriques

Founder of Handlr

We Want You To Earn Big. That's why...

  • Our sales cycle is SHORT! We take payment upfront on our core offers and if you decide to use one of our promotional offers - its as short as the offer lasts. Totally within your control.
  • We have a very low refund rate. During August to December 2018, we had a 0% refund rate! Our users see the benefits right away.
  • You won't have to worry about providing the services or any customer support. Once you've done your bit of getting them to buy our proactive live chat licences, then you're done.
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    You'll earn 25% on all subscription sales.
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    We'll give you the resources you need to get started. Pre-written email sales copy, banner ads, unique links and a platform so you can have a say in future promotions and strategies.
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    Those with their own website can hide the fact it's an affiliate link. Our system can track all traffic coming directly from your webpage, so no longer will you have to use an affiliate ID like "handlr.co.uk/?ref=12345". Instead you can use a clean link like "handlr.co.uk" and it will still be tracked.
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    We'll support any customers you refer to encourage them to get the most from their services. This is why our customers stay - we go above and beyond to help them achieve their own business goals. This helps to ensure YOU GET PAID for as many referrals as possible. We'll release your payment on the next payout date...

So what are you waiting for? The only reason not to do this is if you don't like money. There's no such thing as easy money but this is as close to it as you can get!

Take 2 minutes of your time today and apply to become one of our affiliate partners today!